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okey dokes...

seeing as how i just joined this community, thought i would post a bit about me, and post some of my photographs.

i'm paula and i'm a sixteen year old girl who got dragged from santa cruz,california to the bum fuck nowhere of flowery branch,georgia...but i survived. i have to travel into the city to really have much fun, but there are some pretty damn cool people i've met here so things have gone ok i guess.

i love all kinds of music, no matter what it is. i'm fascinated by Andy Warhol, and have been since i was twelve. i like indie film, hope to make some of my own one day, and i wish that i could write something that could change the world.
here's me:
oh look, it's a girl

michaels hot stomach
this is michael...or his stomach at least.

this is dacia.


that should be all for now i think...
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