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So, l finally get to put some pictures on here. :P

A picture is supposedly worth a thousand words.

There is no way I'm typing that many words.

This is the puzzle I spent most of my family's 'bonding time' in Snowshoe on. Shared a cabin with two other familes. Stayed in the basement of the place. The basement was awesome. Had a mini-bar, stocked with pepsi, sunkist, and mountain dew. Had a bathroom, with a really big tub. Had a door to the outside. Had a stereo. And not a lame one, either. I could live down there for the rest of my life and be happy. :D

Not quite sure where this is. Judging by the object in the right hand corner, I'm in dad's truck. Methinks it was when we visited a tree farm. >.< Never again.

Ta you thur city-folks, I might hafta esplain whut this is. Well, issa hoss. An' snow. An an ol' VW bus, like them thur hippeh-dippeh folk mighta had. Yessiree.

God I hate the beach. Horrible. The only thing I like about it is A.) I met Lindsey there (I can still remember the 'bannana man' going out on his porch thing in The Sand Dunes. Man in thong. Not pretty. x_X) and B.) there's a cool used book store up there that I bought Cujo and Pet Semetary from.
Guy: Are you sure ya want these books? They look preeeetty scarey.
Me: Yes. I'm sure.

Again, my country roots showing. Get it? Roots? Ha-ha-ha.

This, this, and this was my garden. Was with a capital 'W', was as in no more, was as in that stupid bloody flipping FLOOD WATERS ruined it. ...Yes, that is a pig. No, I did not spend any money on that thing. I swear, it followed me home one day.

Dunno when I took this. Looked kinda pretty to me.

The ocean. Yep. Nothing more specific than that.

Labeled "Paradise", even though it probably still has snakes. Or possums.

Oh goody. Now I need a panda.

This bird did not like me, noooooo. It spit GUM out on our truck (it doesn't matter that it was the piece of chewed up gum that I had given it ealier. >_>)

Possible my favorite picture.

Tinted trees.

My grandfather. And I'm not talking about the arm.

[Insert unladylike language] my computers probably gonna spaz now, because angelfire isn't uploading anymore pictures, my online dictionary (trying to improve my dumb-like qualities and make me sound smarter, right, Stephanie?) and I've run out of pictures that I uploaded last night. Come to think of it, it was spazzing out last night, too. Angelfire, I mean.

(One computer reboot later) *twitchtwitch* P.C. Pieca crap. But at least it's working now.
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